Step-in and
keep riding.

The innovative, German-engineered CLEW step-in snowboard binding stands for extremely high quality, strong performance, and very easy operation.


"If you are looking for a step-in binding with a high-performance feel, than look no further! CLEW bindings are the real deal. They perform just like a normal binding but give you the option to step in and out at a moments notice. Whether you'r riding park or powder they work flawlessly."

Technological innovation that is characterized by its quality, progressive design, and functionality.

*Preorder* CLEW Freedom 1.0 22/23 (from Dec. 2022)

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The innovative, German-engineered CLEW step-in snowboard binding.

You want the speed and simplicity of a Step-in binding, but you want to choose your own boot. With CLEW you have the freedom of choice. Click, click and your boots sit firmly in the binding. Our snowboard binding is unisex. The straps are precisely adjustable and provide firm support, flex and a very direct power transmission. A very precise adjustment is delivered by our system that requires no tools. In addition, our ergonomic highbacks significantly increase comfort and power transmission.

Our binding is suitable for both novice riders and ProRiders.

CLEW works with all common mounting system, inclusive Channel-, 2x4-, 4x4- und 3D-Disc.

men's size chart

S 4,5 - 7,5 (US)

M 8 - 10,5 (US)

L 11 - 14 (US)

CLEW is unisex.

Response Base (9/10)

Response Highback (9/10)

Stiffness Base (8/10)

Stiffness Highback (7/10)


All mountain

Every CLEW binding is produced by hand in Miesbach (Bavaria,Germany).

Further, we continue to have very short delivery routes and try to keep our ecological footprint for the climate and our environment as small as possible. 

Size (all orders are pre-orders)
  • Delivery from December 2022

If you own 2 boards, you can simply order a second CLEW base and easily switch between your boards within seconds, without having to change your complete binding. 

CLEW Advantages

Unsurpassed riding experience

The CLEW binding combines the unsurpassed driving experience of a buckle binding with getting on and off in seconds!

No special softboot necessary

No matter, your boot or snowboardbrand is - the bindings from CLEW fit perfectly! 

Snow and ice-proof

Thanks to two locking levels and the special geometry, the lock also works with snow or ice on the binding.


Pull once and you can get out of your snowboard binding in seconds!

Customer experience

"90% of my time I ride in the side/backcountry and have found no compromises in the function to the conventional binding. Conclusion: rides like my other top-bindings with the advantage of a step-in. "

Timmy Schröder, Pro Rider

"From my point of view, the CLEW binding is the most innovative development in snowboarding, and the technical development of the new model also shows how motivated the Clew team is."

Andreas Scheid, president of the German snowboard association

I've been involved in snowboarding for a few years now and have therefore tried many different bindings. At first I was a little skeptical about the step-in system, but the CLEW binding really surprised me in a positive way. Get in, click on and off you go."

Thomas Vielgut, Pro Rider

"After Ride and Union I ended up at CLEW and I don't want to miss the binding anymore!. The CLEW binding is wonderful to ride in the park. Carving also works really well despite a size 46 shoe, as the binding is cut nicely high. "

Michelangelo, Snowboard teacher

"I am super happy with the binding! At the beginning it was still a bit unusual how quickly the system works."

Victoria, ride since a kid

In this video, we'll be taking a closer look at the CLEW.

"We assambled 1.2 million single parts."

Worth knowing:

CLEW snowboard bindings are produced once a year in a 3-month period, because production efficiency and precision are our key success factors. Unfortunately, this also means that we cannot easily "re-produce" during a winter season.

from the beginning
We produce in Germany.

At a time when globalization has given companies a wide variety of options for their production processes, we have opted for the only way that feels right to us. From the very beginning, we wanted all CLEW models to be produced in Germany so that we could control and optimize every single step of the manufacturing process ourselves. This refers not only to the quality of the binding, but to the social responsibility we have for our employees in production and the resources we use as well.

The fact that our production facility is only 50 km away from our office in Munich means that at least one of the founders is always personally on site. In this way we can be sure that the quality of the bindings is right and optimize our processes on a daily basis. To give you an insight into the production halls, we published a video.

since 2017

Since day one, CLEW isn't an individual achievement, its the result of teamwork, motivation and trust. 

High exclusive but free
CLEW Magazine

Look forward to exciting and precise magazine pages, get interesting behind the scene stories, exclusive insights into our production and be the first to know when the new model will be released! 

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