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    “Strapping in and out 30 times a day?* – Two times should be enough.”

    *average snowboarder on a day of snowboarding   

    The idea: Annoying strapping in and out should be history.  

    Ideal weather: Blue skies, sunshine and fresh powder on the slopes. Three years ago, Jakob and Johannes were on the chairlift, philosophizing, as young mechanical engineering students do, about a quick and compact solution for strapping in to and out of snowboards.    
    Until then, there was no snowboard step-in binding on the market that convinced them. Both in terms of functions and ride feel, there were extreme differences between the tried-and-true ratchet binding and the existing step-on bindings and clickers.   
    Old is gold, however, the two did not want to rest on old snowboard bindings that could be improved.    
    For three years, they developed, tinkered and tested and even today some details of the design or material are constantly changed.    

    Our vision: A new innovative snowboard binding that is better than anything the big snowboard brands have to offer. Said and done.    

    The unique CLEW concept:   The binding consists of two components. The base is firmly mounted on the snowboard. The separate highback can be strapped to any soft boot. The patent-pending locking mechanism allows you to strap in and out within seconds, even in snow or ice.  

    It can be done better, three friends said to themselves, and decided to start Project CLEW in 2019.   

    We, Jakob, Johannes and Matthias founded CLEW because we agreed that our idea, the most important functions of a buckle bindings combined with a click function, had to be brought to the market!   Our first production model, the PreRider, was released in 2019. In winter 20/21 the second model, the CLEW20 snowboard binding, received a lot of important and positive feedback from our customers and pro snowboarders.  

    Side fact: In January 2020, 42 jurors from 13 countries selected the CLEW binding as ISPO Award Gold Winner and thus the best and most innovative snowboard binding in the world. But improvement is a continuous process in our innovative product and visionary mindset, so we tested quite a few prototypes of the all-new model in the spring. The entire team and some pro snowboarders came together again and again to the slopes in Hintertux and spent several weeks on the slopes to review all the important details and changes.

    Finally: Our new model will be released in October!

    With this model launching on October 1st, 2021, the snowboard binding we have imagined 3 years ago in the lift and with which we revolutionize the snowboard market will come out.

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    The emergence of CLEW

    The revolution begins    

    In university, Johannes and Jakob develop the concept of a two-piece snowboard binding. A first prototype is created in the 3D printer.  

    1 st place the Strascheg Award
    CLEW is awarded “Best Business Idea from a Course” in the Ideas Competition of the Munich University of Applied Sciences.  

    CLEW is a Exist-Team                        
    The team is supported by a state founder scholarship. CLEW officially becomes a “European Innovative Technology” company.  
    Foundation of CLEW GmbH  
    We founded our first company, our dream is slowly turning into reality. 
    Die Höhle der Löwen (German version of Shark Tank)
    “We're on TV!” With almost 3 million viewers a week, Höhle der Löwen is one of the most successful TV shows on German television and we are part of it.  
    Pre Rider are delivered  
    Our first series product is launched on the market. We're assembling and working like crazy to make sure all of them get delivered on time.  

    ISPO Award Baby!
    42 jurors from 13 countries selected the CLEW binding as Gold Winner and thus the best and most innovative snowboard binding of 2020.    

    Development of CLEW20    
    In the fall of 2020, the new model was delivered.
    Feedback and innovation
    Despite the global pandemic, we were able to gain important insights through our pro riders. This way, we we could improve our binding even further.     

    Production  Freedom 1.0  
    We start production in Miesbach in August. On October 1st, 2021, our newest model will be released. 

    Our Team

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    is the creative tinkerer at CLEW. As a product designer, he takes care of both the design and production of snowboard bindings. After completing his training as a technician, he studied mechanical engineering with a focus on product development at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich.

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    is   the all-rounder   at CLEW. With his creativity and critical eye for detail, he is dedicated to technical development and quality management. Just like Johannes, he studied mechanical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich.

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    is the man for the numbers at CLEW. The industrial management assistant and master’s graduate in business administration focuses on finance and operational activities.

    Our Team - Rider



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