step-in and keep riding!

"Buckle on and out 40 times a day? Two times should suffice!"

an average boarder on a snowboard day  

The idea: annoying strapping and unbuckling should be history.

We had one thing in common: We wanted to save ourselves the trouble of buckling and unbuckling after every lift ride, while still not giving up the unsurpassed riding experience of a buckle binding. Until then, there was no snowboard step-in binding on the market that satisfied us. 

Our vision: A new innovative snowboard binding that is better than anything the big snowboard brands have to offer. Said and done.

The binding should consist of two parts. The base should be firmly mounted on the snowboard. The decoupleable highback should be able to be strapped to any soft boot and firmly anchored to the board by a click system. With the possibility to keep the classic ratchet, we wanted to keep the traditional riding feeling. 

We, Jakob, Johannes and Matthias, three former students, founded CLEW.

In the first step, we tested more than 11 different prototypes on the track ourselves. And we submitted our first business plan to the Stracheg Award and won the first place. We presented the first fully-functional, but still unsalable prototype of our binding in January 2019 at the ISPO sports fair. 

2019, we embarked on a months-long search to find the right suppliers, producers for individual parts, as well as machines and a production site. When it came to the production site, we all agreed right from the start. Our entire production was to be based on quality work "Made in Germany". To this end, we wanted to use the know-how gained for our further development and rely on one hundred percent control, by ourselves. Our first production model, the PreRider, was released in winter 2019. Friends and family helped in production so that all bindings could be delivered on time. In winter 20/21 the second model, the CLEW20 snowboard binding was released.

In spring 2021, we scrutinized every part of our CLEW20 binding again, and incorporated the many feedbacks, quite a few missions of our team riders, into the months-long development phase. 

Finally: our new model FREEDOM 1.0 is released in October!

With the new CLEW binding, we will transform the snowboard sport for good and continue to write our history. We are ready!                


The revolution begins

In 2017 at the university, Johannes and Jakob develop the concept of a two-part snowboard binding. A first prototype is created in a 3D printer.

1st place at the Strascheg Award

CLEW is awarded “Best Business Idea from a Course” in the Ideas Competition of the Munich University of Applied Sciences. 

CLEW is an Exist.

The team is supported by a state founder scholarship. CLEW officially becomes a “European Innovative Technology” company.  

Foundation of Ltd.

We founded our first company, our dream is slowly turning into reality. 

Shark Tank - German Version

In October 20219 “We're on TV!” With almost 3 million viewers a week, Höhle der Löwen is one of the most successful TV shows on German television.

The Pre Rider released

Our first series product is launched on the market. We assembled and worked like crazy to make sure all of them get delivered on time.

ISPO Award Baby!

In January 2020 42 jurors from 13 countries have chosen the CLEW binding as Gold Winner. Its the best and most innovative snowboard binding 2020.

Development of CLEW20

In the fall of 2020, the new model was delivered.

Feedback and innovation

Despite the global pandemic, we were able to gain important insights through our pro riders. This way, we we could improve our binding even further.    

Freedom 1.0 production

We have produced diligently from August to October in Miesbach. Since 01.10.2021 our newest model is published.

US Website Launch

In November 2021 we launched our

Since day one, CLEW has not been an individual achievement, its a the result of teamwork, motivation and trust.


Matthias (COO)

is the man for the numbers at CLEW. The industrial management assistant and master’s graduate in business administration focuses on finance and operational activities.

Johannes (CEO)

is the creative tinkerer at CLEW. As a product designer, he takes care of the construction and production of the snowboard bindings. After training as a technician, he studied mechanical engineering with a focus on product development at Munich University of Applied Sciences.

Jakob (CTO)

is the all-rounder at CLEW. With his creativity and a critical eye for details, he dedicates himself to technical development and quality management. Like Johannes, he studied mechanical engineering at the Munich University of Applied Sciences.


is a freelance graphic designer. As a team member of CLEW she is responsible for graphic and brand design. She has a degree in Communication Design from the Hamburg Technical School of Art (HTK) and a Master's degree in Visual Brand Design from the Domus Academy in Milan.

Jan (CMO)

is the 'Digital'. His tasks include the planning, implementation and controlling, as well as success analysis of the marketing measure. He isn't only the creative behind all campaigns, but also responsible for the conception, production and editing of the videos and images.


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